My passion for music has been lifelong. I am  grateful to have been born into a musical family. Playing and teaching music is as much part of me as eating or sleeping. Teaching inspires me.  Each  student is so amazing, and I love to help them move forward on their musical journeys.

Growing up in a musical family, I probably started singing before I said my first word. My music instruction began with piano lesson at the age of five, which continued for most of my childhood. When I was ten years old I found a new love: the guitar.  I took my first lessons from a well-known Washington D.C, teacher, Sophocles Papas, whose primary teacher was Segovia. As a teen, I became obsessed with the blues, especially with the styles of Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, Skip James , and many of the Chicago blues artists. I love flamenco, folk, classical, jazz and rock music.